TMI understands OE quality expectations. We has a vested interest in ensuring your product meets or exceeds the specifications and drawings and we take quality seriously.

We follow AIAG standards in our APQP system at our audited and certified factories.

Our 75 years of automotive engineering experience have taught us that the 1st, 500th, 5000th , last part, and every part in between we deliver has to be the same or better than the PPAP approved parts.

Consistent Part to Part quality is designed into our manufacturing processes so we MAKE good parts. Whereas some overseas manufacturers are happy with "inspecting for quality" and just screening out bad parts, we firmly believe that each process should make good parts and defects should be eliminated at each step.

Scrap is our enemy and we are on the offense against it. Our process engineering team rigorously attacks defects and implements root cause/corrective action measures to ensure that we catch discrepant material before it gets to you.