About Us

TMI Engineered Products

TMI EP LLC was established in 2006 as an Engineering Product Development company that also wholesale distributes its products to OES customers and the Automotive Aftermarket. The "EP" stands for "Engineered Products".

The 3 founding partners of TMI EP LLC have over 75 years of combined OE automotive experience which sets TMI EP LLC apart from all other replacement parts makers. Our business is OES, and we service our OES customers the same way we supported our OE Production customers for 25 years. Every project we develop gets the same attention as regular OEM production development.

Why TMI?

Automotive Tier I suppliers have a unique challenge when faced with designing a manufacturing plan that meets both their high volume series production requirements and their low volume, past-model and post-warranty requirements.

The OES auto makers are often faced with price increases or exit strategies by the Tier I once the post-warranty stage of the model begins.

TMI fills this gap by offering engineered product solutions and tested to OE specifications. TMI is able to apply past knowledge of the OE business model to product design, process design, quality planning, packaging, shipping, and logistics that meet or exceed the current Tier I supplier.